Harnessing the Power of Paradox ~ Zoom Workshop with Rev. Kelly Isola

The word “Paradox” is often used to talk about these very frustrating situations in which traditional problem solving does not seem to work. We encounter paradox often in the form of conflicts, resistance to change, fixes that fail and chronic issues that we can’t seem to move beyond. Our ability to do “the work that in due season will encircle the earth,” as Charles Fillmore says, depends upon us moving beyond some basic assumptions that have formed our choices but are no longer true, or may no longer be serving the greater good of our churches. We have to learn to discern between deeply held beliefs and rigidly held beliefs. Our rigidly held beliefs are always louder, separate us and oftentimes angrier. Whereas deeply held beliefs serve, heal and are always tempered by the power of love.
In this workshop you will learn about harnessing the power of the paradox of RELEVANCE (being in our preferred future now) and REVERENCE (standing in awe), without “we need to get back to…” Attendees will begin to identify what keeps them stuck, and start creating strategies and small action steps to take in order to remain relevant without losing what is most reverent. 


This is a donation based workshop open to everyone and meets November 1, 1pm-3pm Eastern Time. Suggested Love Offering is $15 however, pay what you can (less or more).
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Kelly’s BIO:

Rev. Kelly Isola is an innovation alchemist, and passionate about supporting people and organizations to live and love more authentically by sharing her passion for living the two-fold path of an engaged spiritual life – embracing the inner path of wisdom, as well as demonstrating the outer path of compassionate service. She is passionate about interfaith and interspiritual work as an avenue for individual and collective healing and peace. Kelly also loves sharing her wisdom in the classroom through her own classes, and as faculty for two seminaries. Kelly is an avid blogger on her own site, guest blogs, writes for Unity magazine, various Unity booklets, and a number of online magazines. Read more about Kelly at www.kellyisola.com.


Nov 01 2020


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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