Hopen House

Join us on June 25 from 2-5pm in Carrboro for an open house event, celebrating another year of Hope! We will have games, music, treats and plenty to eat and drink. This is a great opportunity to come visit and get a glimpse into what we do.

You can RSVP for the Hopen House event here: https://www.hoperenovations.org/hopenhouse2023.

Entry is free, but tickets will be available for purchase and they’ll be required for food, drinks and some of the activities.

Don’t miss the chance to dunk some lucky local leaders in our dunking booth!


About Us: Hope Renovations trains women and gender-expansive folks through our 15-week Trades Training Program so they can get the skills and confidence needed to start a career in the construction industry! And we even provide them a stipend/pay them a living wage as they go through the two phases, so they can support themselves and their families.

We also serve older adults in our community on a sliding scale with aging-in-place repairs and renovations. The trainees come out on site so they can get on-the-job experience during their time with us.

This dual mission allows us to impact so many things! Increasing gender equity, preserving affordable housing, building generational wealth, capitalizing on one’s earning potential without incurring massive debt, increasing personal career satisfaction and even helping solve the construction industry’s labor shortage. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if you just want to learn more!


Jun 25 2023


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Hope Renovations Workshop
502A N. Greensboro Street, Carrboro, NC 27510
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