Chronic Tacos Brings California Flavor to Chapel Hill

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Rich color invites customers inside Chronic Taco.
Rich color invites customers inside Chronic Tacos.

The made-to-order Mexican vibe of the West Coast has finally reached Eastern shores. The newest franchise of Chronic Tacos opened its doors in Chapel Hill a month ago as part of the chain’s rapid expansion over the past few years. Ever since its opening in 2002, the brand’s goal has been to create individualized fast and fresh Mexican food under the codes of the California style.

The franchise first began more than 15 years ago in Newport Beach with the aim of combining fast Mexican food with an easygoing comfortable environment. Founders Randall Wyner and Daniel Biello stressed the importance of uniqueness and authenticity as they created the brand, an industry dedicated to the individual and the experience of quality food rather than the profit.

O’Neill Partners, Timothy, Jean Marie and Sean O’Neill, opened the first location of the franchise in North Carolina on June 19. The Meadowmont location offers great access to businesses, residences and retail, along with a close location to UNC. The corporate partners of Chronic Tacos have instilled and ensured a consistent brand with outstanding food while keeping the intimacy of a local taco shop.

According to Jean Marie, “giving back is one of our core principles. We are locally owned, but with lots of community involvement”. Their goal is to create exceptional food around friendly people with the feel of an authentic local taco shop. “The food is legendary, made from California-inspired 3rd generation recipes that become habit forming,” says Jean Marie, “you will crave it forever”.

Chronic Tacos offer a variety of authentic Mexican cuisine: burritos, tostada bowls, tortas, taquitos, flautas, salads, and of course, specialized tacos. All ingredients are bought locally to emphasize the importance of fresh products and devotion to authenticity. Marinades and sauces are concocted by Chronic Tacos themselves and uphold their tradition of individuality.

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