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Cureat logoEntrepreneur Steve Mangano has traveled the world and eaten at many restaurants – which got him wondering why it’s so hard to find a good one when you arrive in a new city. Although there are many restaurant apps out there, they tend to focus on negative reviews and leave the restaurant itself out of the equation.

That’s why Steve decided to create a new kind of app – one “designed around positive endorsements, with reliable and up-to-date content provided by the restaurants themselves.” 

The app, called CurEat, enables users to group local dining establishments that they recommend based on everything from city to type of food served, with an added social aspect: lists can easily be shared with friends and family via text. Likewise, if you’re traveling and need a quick recommendation, the app will show you which local spots your friends have enjoyed.

In addition to its focus on positivity and community, what sets CurEat apart from other dining apps is its group of local chefs, bartenders, creatives and tastemakers, also known as CurEaters. Their unique insight provides a way for them to both showcase their business and their favorite things about their city. 

Triangle CurEaters include Ashley Christensen (Poole’s, Fox, Beasley’s, Chuck’s, Death & Taxes), Sean Lilly Wilson (Fullsteam) and Charlie Deal of Jujube.

“If you look at [restaurant] rating sites, the vast majority of places all fall into a very small range of average scores. So how does that actually help you find a place to eat? With CurEat, you can quickly find people whose opinions you either trust or share and see what other places they like. Which, to me, seems a lot more useful.” says Charlie.

True to its local-minded mission, the app itself was designed with the help of companies like PurposeUX in Durham and Oak City Labs in Raleigh.

CurEat launches today on the Apple App Store (an Android version is on the way). Give it a try this week, and join the creators in celebratory launch party at 5 p.m. Friday, January 13 at 21c Museum Hotel. During the first weekend, users can also benefit the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC – for every CurEat list shared on social media that includes the tags #CurEat and @cureatapp, the creators will donate $1 toward meals for children. Email to reserve your spot.

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Morgan Weston

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