Engagement: Jennifer Halperin & Vladimir Khosid

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Growing up, Jennifer Halperin never could have predicted that her future fiancé was living 5,700 miles from the southern part of heaven. Jennifer studied at East Chapel Hill High School before attending the University of Georgia for fashion merchandising. Meanwhile, Vladimir Khosid emigrated from Russia, settled in California and went on to study at San Jose State University. While their roots could not be more different, their future is growing together seamlessly.

Jennifer’s career as a fashion designer and buyer moved her all over the country, and the pair met through mutual friends when Jennifer relocated to San Francisco in 2015. Vladimir offered to show her around the city and quite literally swept her off her feet. He put his pilot’s license to good use to give Jennifer the grand tour from a bird’s-eye view.

After two years of motorcycle rides, flights and failed fashion advice (according to the bride-to-be), Vladimir proposed in their Bay Area home. But he couldn’t have done it without the help of their beloved rescue dog, Finn, who was the ring bearer.

The West Coast wedding will be held March 17, 2018.

Photography by Christina Litle

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Kristi Piechnik

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