Jan/Feb 2016

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There was a time I couldn’t imagine looking forward to a workout.

Since I became an adult, I’ve been consistent about fitness. I’ve run many 5Ks and one 10K. I’ve lifted weights at the gym, taken strength and spin classes, gone to Zumba and boot camp. While I prefer some activities over others, I can’t say I’ve ever jumped out of bed in the morning excited about the prospect
of getting my fitness on. It’s just been something I’ve needed to cross off my to-do list for the sake of
my health. 

Until … Until tennis. Eighteen months ago or so I began taking lessons at The Farm about every other week. Slowly and surely, I’ve improved. Enough to join the U.S. Tennis Association and a 2.5-level league last spring. I’ve lost my share of matches, and the mental toughness is the hardest part for me. How do you maintain your confidence after double faulting? How do you take note of the errors you’re making without losing focus? 

But to say that I’ve enjoyed it is a dramatic understatement. The court is where I want to be all the time, and I love the support and sense of community among the tennis faithful. 

It’s true what they say – find an activity that you love, and sticking to a routine will be easy. You can glean many other tips from our Fitness Fanatics, beginning on page 32. Here’s wishing you a happy – and fit — new year!    

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Andrea Griffith Cash

Andrea Cash is the former Senior VP of Content for Chapel Hill Magazine.
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