Local Couple Starts Festival Kit Business in Time for Music Festival Season

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While music festivals means fun times and great music, it’s a good idea to come prepared to ensure a comfortable outdoor experience. 26-year-old couple Brianne Silver and Andrew Straus understood this concept and their interest in both fun and comfort helped spark an interest to found Equippr, a company that sells prepacked festival camping kits.

The goal of the company is to provide efficient, quality packs for festivalgoers and to allow them to be prepared under various circumstances. Though kits vary in supplies and price, they all include fourteen basic camping essentials that include sunscreen, a first aid kit and a poncho.

The road to Equippr started when Brianne and Andrew realized their common interest in camping and live music. After going to a few music festivals and on camping trips together, the couple noticed they enjoyed packing almost as much as the trips themselves.

When they discovered that other people weren’t always as prepared as they were, they started helping out.

“We had accumulated enough gear to help people who needed flashlights, sunscreen, ponchos and other little necessities,” said Brianne.

Brianne thought of the idea for Equipper while she was on her daily commute. After sharing her idea with Andrew, who has a background in retail marketing, the couple formed a business plan. With both Brianne, who has created and sold jewelry for years, and Andrew having entrepreneurial experience, launching Equippr was a decision that fit into their lives.

Since opening an Etsy shop in April and launching their website in May, the couple has been satisfied with their first few months of business.

“We’re very thankful for the positive feedback we’ve received so far,” said Brianne. “We’re so glad that we’ve been able to turn our passion into a business.”

Though camping kits are only the beginning for Equippr.

“We have big dreams for Equippr,” said Brianne. “We’d also like to start designing our own outdoor gear at some point.”

According to Brianne, the goal is to see Equippr alongside trusted brands like The North Face and Columbia. The couple also hopes that their company will continue to grow enough to become their full-time jobs.

Brianne and Andrew currently live in Chapel Hill where they enjoy taking walks, playing with their dog and exploring the Chapel Hill community.

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