Meet the Local Entrepreneur Who’s Been in Biz Since 4th Grade

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Connor will graduate from Georgetown University in May.

Owning a business is no small feat. Yet Connor had accomplished this exploit by the time he was in fourth grade with Connor’s Kits for Kids, a company selling kid-friendly science kits. So how does a young scientist and budding entrepreneur follow such an accomplishment? Connor joined forces with a fellow student, expanding his company and learning from other influential entrepreneurs and investors at Georgetown University. Just as he had planned five years ago, Connor took a gap year after graduating from high school and spent this time learning how to improve his company at conferences and trade shows across the country. Then he was accepted to Georgetown and landed a spot in their Entrepreneurship Fellows Program. “I’ve had the opportunity to listen to so many incredible, successful individuals both as professors and as speakers in my classes,” Connor says. “Being constantly surrounded by successful people is such a great motivator to always push myself.”

Connor back in 2011 when we first met him.

He partnered with a fellow undergrad at Georgetown, and together they decided to shift the aim of the company in order to make a greater impact within schools and educational programs. The organization now provides science activity packs for after-school programs, such as the YMCA, Boy Scouts and Boys & Girls Clubs that are looking to implement an exciting and interactive STEM curriculum.

Upon graduation in May, Connor is looking forward to working at a small hedge fund in San Francisco, where he will have the chance to learn about business, finance and economics from an entirely new perspective. Fast-forward five years, and where can we expect to see Connor? “I may stick with the full-time job I’m starting in July, go get an MBA or get involved with another cool startup.”

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