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By the time Alison Britt had her third child, she was frustrated with the choices – or lack thereof – she had when it came to postpartum nursing wear. Why weren’t flowy tops and dresses being offered, she wondered, instead of utilitarian, unflattering pieces?

Alison isn’t a designer. She’s never taken a sewing class. She’s not even a fashionista. But she started sketching some of her ideas and then – after Mulberry Silks in Carr Mill Mall created a pattern to get her going – she made herself some clothes that were pretty yet discreet. She got lots of compliments and realized: There’s a market for this.

And thus her clothing line, which officially launches this month, was born. The Southern Village resident and mom to 12-year-old Ethan, 8-year-old Ellis Jane and 3-year-old Dylan insisted that everything – “including the tag” – be made in North Carolina.

The line includes ponchos for $42, blouses for $84, tunics for $92 and dresses for $119. In the coming months, Alison hopes to add a pajama line and a fall collection, featuring long-sleeve styles. Right now, everything is available at, but she wants to have her line in local boutiques eventually.

Though her background isn’t in fashion, it does fit in with what she’s doing now, in a way. With a master’s in early childhood education, she worked for years with young mothers who needed support services. “I worked with moms who had a hard enough time just getting dressed and getting a shower every day,” she says. “I don’t care if you breastfeed or not. But if you want to breastfeed, I want to make it easier on you. … We have enough to worry with and juggle. Why do we have to wear these ugly clothes that aren’t well made and fall apart in the laundry?”

Thanks to Alison, now moms don’t.

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Andrea Griffith Cash

Andrea Cash is the former Senior VP of Content for Chapel Hill Magazine.
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