Our Latest Obsessions: Forests, Flowers & flo Rida

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Andrea had an afternoon meeting – with Martha Aldridge of the YMCA and Jennifer Player of Orange Habitat – that got moved to the Dean Dome, where the Heels had a closed practice a couple of days before the Duke game. How cool!

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Did you see that Flo Rida was partying at UNC during the Duke game? Did he head to Franklin after the victory? Burning questions!

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Need some spring shoes? Sofia’s in Carr Mill Mall has a great selection.

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Our new assistant editor’s pup Winston loves to visit the Homestead Dog Park with his favorite lookout rock and best dog buddies.

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Pop-up retail store Xenia — on West Franklin near Med Deli — is just the cutest!

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The leg room at Silverspot really can’t be beat. And Pixar’s new movie Zootopia is definitely worth a trip to this great cinema.

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The Pumpkin Trail through the Carolina Forest is a must anytime of the year, but — now that the days are longer — evening or early morning walks through the woods are especially ethereal.

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Aren’t these steamed dumplings from Jujube gorgeous?

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P.S.A. Linda’s has some of the best cheese fries around!

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Andrea chatted with Bill Leslie of WRAL last week about TASTE 2016! The Grand TASTE Experience is now sold out, but you can still get tickets to our other two events, happening April 22-23.

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Need a nacho fix? Carolina Coffee Shop has some of the best!
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We spotted Dianne and Lennie Rosenbluth at Sutton’s one morning for breakfast!

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