6 Thoughtful Gifts to Give New Parents When They Need It Most

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Babies and parents alike need options for entertaining curious minds. Give the little ones two gifts: a colorful book that’s both soft and crinkly (and filled with unicorns – all the rage among the newborn set), and a bright, chewy stroller toy that’s shhhhh…quiet when baby needs to be. Chewbeads Silicone Car Seat & Stroller Toy, $15, and Jellycat Unicorn Tails book, $16.50: Ali Cat Toys in Carrboro



Especially if a new mom is nursing, it’s nice to have a comfortable and beautiful robe to wear at home or in the hospital. This one from For Alma Home in Durham strikes the right balance between practical and pretty. PJ Harlow Shala knit robe, $85





In the hustle and bustle of life with a newborn, it’s easy for mothers to feel, well, a bit bedraggled. Light Years Jewelry in Durham and Chapel Hill carries these sweet studs that are sophisticated, shimmery, and astrologically spot-on – just choose the set that corresponds to baby’s zodiac sign! Little Charm studs, $10





Resist the urge to make a casserole by giving a gift card for a family meal at The Root Cellar in Chapel Hill (and soon Chatham County). It will free up valuable freezer space and give mom and dad a chance to choose a delicious dinner without messing up the kitchen. There’s even a paleo option! Gift Card for Family Meals, $125-250



Most meal trains focus solely on dinner, leaving exhausted parents to fend for themselves come morning. Lisa Woodward of Weaver Street Market suggests these High Protein Holiday Spice Apple Muffins for a quick morning boost that can be eaten one-handed. Recipe at weaverstreetmarket.coop.

You’ve Got to Have Friends

More than just about anything, new parents need other new parents. There are a number of wonderful groups in our area for all kinds of moms and dads, and Chapel Hill/Carrboro Mothers Club and Durham Mothers Club are great places to start finding your community.

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Virginia Robinson

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