Barbecue That Goes Beyond a Plate of Pulled Pork

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When a restaurant is called The Pig, it’s easy to focus on the pork. But don’t forget these non-barbecue options that are worthy of a trip.

dsc_0216_smallFRIED BOLOGNA It’s basically what you get when the sandwich from your grade-school lunch box grows up to be a total hunk. Featuring the thickest cut of house-made bologna you’ve probably seen in your life, this slice is served hot on a big bun with mustard and slaw.

VIETNAMESE PORK CHEEK When you don’t want to stray too far from your usual barbecue, this is analogous to it: coleslaw is replaced by crunchy carrots, green onion and cilantro; the pulled pork is swapped for the robustly flavored, fattier cheek.

CATFISH Nestled up to a mound of slaw and a pile of pickles, the fried catfish feels like a proper dinner. Beautifully mild flakes wait inside a dark, battered crust. Remoulade sauce comes on the side – don’t forget it!

BARBECUE TEMPEH Do not mock the tempeh – it will only make you seem foolish. Could you describe this as smoky, savory, crispy-tender granola bars on a bun? Probably. Could you also describe it as surprisingly tasty? Definitely.

BUCKET OF PICKLES Seriously, one of the greatest things about eating at The Pig is the side of house-made pickles you get with everything. For $40, you can take home a literal bucket of them and be happy for, well, as long as it takes you to eat a bucket of pickles.

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Virginia Robinson

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