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Out With the Sad, In With the Glad!

By Perri Kersh | December 19, 2014

As we barrel along towards the end of 2014, overeating, overshopping, overdrinking and overdoing, I think it’s helpful to pause and think for a moment about what we can have less of in our lives. The things that surround us often serve a purpose. But some items also evoke emotions, […]

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Techie Transforms a Farm Into a Home

By Julia Baker | December 9, 2014

This was originally published in out September/October 2014 issue. Kimberly Jenkins must choose her words carefully. She methodically plans out what she’s going to say and then climbs the ladder with a fistful of letters and numbers. It takes two people about an hour to change the message on the […]

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Operation: Merriment

By Perri Kersh | November 7, 2014

>> Create zones in your workspace. Think ahead to how you cook in your kitchen and try to group like with like. If baking is your forte, gather the tools you typically use to bake and store them together in one cabinet (mixing bowls, dry goods, spices, measuring cups, etc.). […]

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Model Home

By Jessica Stringer | November 1, 2014

  When Donna and Peter Stubbs left the Triangle for the D.C. area in 1998 following a few years at their post-collegiate jobs at the Durham Arts Council and Memorial Hall, respectively, the newlyweds thought they’d be back two years later. But with grad school, various jobs and the arrival of […]

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Rightsizing Your Home, Your Stuff and Your Life

By Perri Kersh | October 29, 2014

If you had to guess, how many items do you think you possess in your home? I’m talking everything from paper clips to books to shoes to kitchen gadgets. If you fall in the average category of Americans, it’s probably around 300,000 things. If your home is larger than the typical […]

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Finish the Job

By Perri Kersh | September 26, 2014

The idea of “Just Do It” is more than a Nike slogan from the past. It’s also a trusted time management tool for getting ‘er done. Sometimes, tasks that take 5 minutes or less are better to knock out now so they don’t pile up. Numerous short to-do’s, when combined, […]

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Living History

By Jessie Ammons | January 12, 2014

Carolina graduates Marty and AraLu Lindsey, like so many alums, love to give back to the place where they met and where their children now attend. “You can give a lot of money,” Marty says. “Or, you can give time and effort and a skill set. This is a skill […]

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Gifts for the Neat Freak on Your List

By Perri Kersh | December 5, 2013

A later Thanksgiving this year meant shopping season was upon us before the turkey was even out of the oven. If you’re just starting to make your list and check it twice, I’ll share a few of my favorite “get organized” gifts for the Neat Freak (or maybe slightly “messy”) […]

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