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Parents: We’ve Featured Extracurriculars To Keep Your Kids Engaged

By Laura Zolman Kirk | February 21, 2018

SPORTS We are fortunate to have many specialized sports complexes and team leagues to help kids expend some energy and learn leadership and discipline skills along the way. Complexes like Baseball Rebellion (currently based in Hillsborough, but planning to move to Durham soon), Bull City Gymnastics, OC Gymnastics in Hillsborough […]

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Take a Visual Journey Through Hillsborough or Let Little Ones Experiment With These New Reads

By Morgan Cartier Weston | January 28, 2018

“Hidden Hillsborough: Historic Dependencies and Landscapes in a Small Southern Town” By Preservation Fund of Hillsborough Photos by Elizabeth Matheson • Maps by Stewart E. Dunaway A project of the Preservation Fund of Hillsborough, “Hidden Hillsborough: Historic Dependencies and Landscapes in a Small Southern Town” is a visual journey through the […]

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Artist Gary Owens Hopes to Bring His Colorful Caricatures to the Classroom

By Jessica Stringer | January 17, 2018

“[My paintings of famous historical figures] are caricatures, not portraits. I’m not a fine artist, I’m not a trained artist. The only training I had was in the fourth or fifth grade [in Georgia]. I talked so much and the teacher gave me some art materials and told me to […]

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19 Ideas for Exploring A Different Side of Chapel Hill This Winter

By Jessica Stringer | January 2, 2018

#1 BE AMAZED BY NATURE There’s a new Patrick Dougherty stickwork installation at the Ackland Art Museum and if you’ve never seen how he weaves together tree saplings into incredible shapes, now’s your chance. “Patrick’s five individually-shaped sculptures act as carnival barkers of sorts, summoning the public to ‘step right […]

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6 Thoughtful Gifts to Give New Parents When They Need It Most

By Virginia Robinson | December 27, 2017

SOMETHING TO CHEW ON Babies and parents alike need options for entertaining curious minds. Give the little ones two gifts: a colorful book that’s both soft and crinkly (and filled with unicorns – all the rage among the newborn set), and a bright, chewy stroller toy that’s shhhhh…quiet when baby […]

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12 Books by Local Authors to Add to Your Kids’ Library

By Tia Nanjappan | November 14, 2017

WILLIAM’S WINTER NAP By Linda Ashman The author, who lives in Chapel Hill with her family, writes a heartwarming tale of a little boy who goes to sleep one winter night only to hear a knock at the door from a chipmunk who needs a place to sleep – the […]

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Master Chefs Junior: Local Kids Exploring Passions for Food

By Jessica Stringer | October 31, 2017

THE NOVICE CHEFS This summer, Midway Community Kitchen offered cooking camps for budding foodies in town. We caught up with a few campers as they cooked their way through Asia. Djina, 8 WHAT I LIKE ABOUT COOKING I like that you get to explore by smelling and tasting. LESSONS I’VE […]

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Our Staff Shares: Favorite Family-Friendly Restaurants

By Laura Zolman Kirk | October 23, 2017

“Where do you eat with your kids?” We posed this question to our staff whose children range in age from young toddlers to college age. “Taking a kid out is always tough!” says Senior VP of Publishing Rory Gillis. “I think my kid is pretty well behaved for a 1-and-a-half-year-old, […]

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Parents: Check Out These Unique Local Story Hours

By Laura Zolman Kirk | October 13, 2017

HONEYSUCKLE TEA HOUSE STORY CORNER Thursdays, Chapel Hill Breathe in the herb-scented air as one of Honeysuckle’s own tea slingers reads classic and contemporary children’s stories from the outdoor stage. Afterward, parents can mingle – iced tea in hand – with plenty of room for the little ones to roam. […]

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Celebrate the Arts This Fall With These Can’t-Miss Events

By Chapel Hill Magazine | August 22, 2017

RIVER PARK CONCERT Reflecting on Hillsborough’s appreciation of the arts, community and a good time, the Hillsborough Arts Council sponsors this free downtown outdoor concert featuring performers like Seth Walker and Eric Lindell. Oct. 28 BEYOND THE SURFACE Hillsborough Gallery of Arts features works from area artists Larry Favorite, Marcy […]

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