Chapel Hill’s Working Class

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“We’ve been bringing dogs to work for the last 15 years. Suri, a Norfolk Terrier, turns 4 this month and she’s our official greeter. We have several folks who just stop here to come by and sit with her. She usually lets our UPS driver know that he is coming into her house at the office and then follows him around until he leaves. She’s my companion all day. We walk her in the morning at home and at noon, we take a nice long walk. After work, we walk on campus for an hour and head on home. She’s just the most loving dog.”

R.B. Hull, Owner

Tri-Printers, Inc.

“My dog is a 16- or 17-year-old who showed up on our property 15 years ago and became part of the family. Ginger comes to work whenever I come. She has free rein of coming and going. We have seven acres so we’re able to let the dogs to be outside. [Co-founder Sita Lozoff has a 13-year-old schnoodle named Ebony who’s “almost been like a therapy dog to some people.”]

I attribute her long health to the fact that she’s been able to get good exercise every day. Instead of being in a crate, she gets lots of attention and exercise and sleeps at my feet quite a bit of the day. It’s a very sweet lifestyle for her.”

Catherine Dumas

Executive Director, Human Kindness Foundation

“I have a little pug. She’s got a ton of personality. Her name is Layla and I rescued her last summer. Bringing her to work means I don’t have to worry about her being lonely at home. If there are people in the store, she’s with them. And if she’s tired, she sits up in our library chair. Keegan (Taylor McAdams and Gretchen Gaskill’s corgi) and Layla mostly get along though they aren’t usually there together. Anytime you walk in a place and you can pet a dog, it usually puts you in a good mood.”

JD Schlick, Owner

Beer Study

“The dogs at the store I have are rescues that I’ve had for two years – Casper, 11½, is 100% blind and Chloe, 8, is 100% attitude. I’ve had to keep Chloe leashed up sometimes because she tends to want to go out in the mall and visit with everyone. Kids love these dogs and come in with their parents, hang out and love on them. I think it’s a great way to introduce young kids to dogs because they are very gentle. I have a lot of disappointed kids that come in when I’m not here and ask ‘where are the dogs?’ The dogs are part of me and therefore, they are part of the store. It’s just like having a bit of home at work.”

Pam Williams, Owner

Night Gallery – Branching Out

Scarlett is almost 11 years old. She’s very agile and inquisitive. Sometimes we have kids in the office with their parents and they [are nervous about moving to a new community]. A hundred percent of the time she’s been a peace agent, a source of comfort to them. In the evening a lot of times I work on plans. At 3:30 a.m. we went out for a walk because I couldn’t figure something out. But then I came back in and wrote down the answer I couldn’t get by staying inside. She’s my little companion. Sometimes I look over at her and if my tone is a little elevated, she reminds me to breathe deep and that things are going to work out.”

Scott Kovens, President

Capkov Ventures

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