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2015-02-23 10.22.17 amFebruary is a short, cold and snuggly month. We celebrate Valentine’s on the 14th but really, shouldn’t we celebrate our love every day? And what better place to start that celebration than in the bedroom? Keeping that room organized and tidy is just one more way to encourage relaxation and romance…here’s how (cue Barry White music):

First, consider your bed. Not only what’s happening on top, but what’s underneath. I’m no Feng Shui practitioner, but I do think sleeping on top of a bunch of clutter is just an all-around bad idea. Unless you live in a New York City-sized apartment where storage is tight, the space under your bed should be free and clear of stuff. Let the energy flow around your bed. Find another spot to stash your off-season clothing or unread books.

And speaking of your bed, not to sound like your mother, but just make it up already! The easiest way to go from chaos to not-half-bad in five minutes or less is to make your bed. Go ahead, bring on the hospital corners. Smooth the sheets, fluff the pillows and pull the bedspread back into place. Your room will thank you.

Next, check out your nightstand and the floor around your bed and assess the piles. Clear off recently read magazines and abandoned books as well as other not-quite-finished projects. Give that surface a nice dusting, and place something peaceful and pretty to look at there instead.

I may stir up a little controversy here, but I think TVs and bedrooms just don’t mix. Going to bed to the buzz of CNN every night isn’t exactly a recipe for sexy times. Same goes for laptops, cell phones and other electronics that steal attention away from your beloved (and impact the quality of your sleep!). Move these items to another space and make your bedroom a tech-free zone.

Keep love alive in the bedroom this February and all year long. Share your favorite bedroom organizing tips (but keep the steamy details to yourself!) in the comments.

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Perri Kersh

Perri Kersh is the neatest, and sometimes freakiest, at Neat Freak Professional Organizing, LLC in Chapel Hill. She works with individuals, families, small business owners and students to help them get and stay organized. When she’s not organizing for others, she frequently shovels up after her husband and children. You can read more about Neat Freak on the website above or reach Perri at 919-824-8196.
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