Foster a Pet and Discover the Benefits of a Lifesaving Difference

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Opening your home up to foster a homeless pet will bring life-changing experiences to your household

Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary foster cat

Every year, countless animals across the country find themselves in an overcrowded animal shelter, facing the steep odds of getting a second chance at a loving home. Here in North Carolina, the need is even greater: Only five states account for 50% of the euthanasia. North Carolina is ranked as one of top three states in the country for the highest euthanasia rates. We (and other rescue organizations) are working to change that. Expanding our network of pet fosters is one of the top ways we can do so. Here are six of the top benefits of fostering:

You are saving lives. 

By fostering a homeless pet, you become a crucial link in the lifesaving chain. Shelters often struggle with overcrowding, limited resources and insufficient staff, making it difficult to provide individualized attention for each animal. By opening your home to a foster pet, you free up space and resources in the shelter, allowing them to save more lives. Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary has pulled close to 2,100 animals out of shelters since 2021. But for every one we have been able to pull, there are many more that we had to leave behind. When all of our foster homes are full, there is simply nowhere for them to go. Being able to save animals starts with having a pet foster. So it is not overly dramatic to say that your act of kindness can be the difference between life and death.

You are providing a safe haven.

Shelter environments can be incredibly stressful for animals, particularly those who have experienced neglect, abuse, or abandonment.  By fostering, you are providing a temporary safe haven where animals can regain trust and learn to thrive in a nurturing environment. We provide ongoing support and will cover all of your supplies as well as any medical needs at our rescue animal clinic.

You can vary your time commitment as needed.

Unlike adoption, fostering allows you to experience the joys of having a pet without the long-term commitment. Whether you can foster for a week or two (to help us bridge a gap between pulling an animal from a shelter and finding them another foster or adopter) or several months, you can contribute to the welfare of animals according to your availability and preferences.

You can choose your favorite type of animal. 

As a pet foster, you have the freedom to select and care for any type of animal that you prefer or to mix it up over time. You have the flexibility to choose a specific species, breed (or breed mix), the size of an animal, the number you choose to foster or even age of the animal you wish to foster. We have fostering needs across the board! Fostering is a wonderful way to enjoy a variety of animals in your home.

You can try out adding a new member to your family.

If you’re considering adopting a pet but aren’t sure if you’re ready, fostering can be a great way to try out pet ownership. You can get a sense of what it’s like to care for a pet on a day-to-day basis. If you do decide to adopt your foster pet, you are first in line to do so. If not, if not, you have already saved their life.

Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary foster dog
Your whole household can benefit from the experience. 

Teaching children the impact of offering a selfless act can result in a wonderfully rich experience. They’ll get to experience the transformation of an animal over time! And having a friend for your existing pet can boost the benefits of socialization for them. Even introducing friends and neighbors to your foster pet can inspire them to make a similar difference. And there’s no overrating the beauty of pet therapy! 

Fostering a pet is a selfless act that brings immeasurable benefits to the animal, the foster parent and our community. If you have the capacity and willingness to make a difference, consider opening your home to a pet in need. Together, we can create a world where every animal has a chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing animals in need and connecting them with a safe and loving home. Its mission is to connect the vulnerable and the voiceless in ways that can positively impact everyone by bringing together animals in need of refuge with children in foster care or underserved environments. The organization provides youth programs, summer camps and resources about adopting and fostering pets. For more information, visit or call 919-502-0070.

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