From Posing to Proposing

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UNC grad Lori Burgwyn and Ivan Hernandez first met through an online dating website. Ivan, who is currently active duty military in the Army, had sent Lori, owner of Franklin Street Yoga Center, a message that yoga had helped him to deal with his PTSD after his four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2015, at the end of a special Christmas Eve yoga class taught by Lori, Ivan proposed. There were over 50 students in the room, and the proposal came as a total surprise to Lori, whose engagement ring was handmade.

On March 15, 2016, Lori and Ivan were married at The Parlour at Manns Chapel. Ivan’s favorite moment of the day was seeing Lori walk down the aisle. As for Lori, she loved that as they exchanged their vows, Ivan gave her a high-five, which added some lightness to the ceremony. It meant the world to the couple that their closest friends and family were there to share their special day that included Al’s Burger Shack catering and their sensational deviled eggs. Lori and Ivan could not have asked for a more perfect fall day. It was sunny with low humidity and a full moon to end the evening. Lori says, “There was a sense of ease about the entire day which we hope to carry with us for the rest of our lives.”

Written by Hannah Grossman
Photography by Jon Young


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