Our Latest Obsessions: Sour Beer, SallyMack & Super Bowl

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Italian Pizzeria III-While we didn’t get the Super Bowl outcome we were hoping for, at least there was plenty of IP3 pizza to go around during the game!

While we didn’t get the Super Bowl outcome we were hoping for, at least there was plenty of IP3 pizza to go around during the game! 

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Did someone say Super Bowl? Football chocolate pies were a delicious consolation prize on Sunday evening for marketing associate and online editor Jenny Hunt and her friends.

VP of Content Andrea and her friend Meaghan had a fabulous time at the Sour Beer Bash at Rock Quarry Farm on Saturday. Thanks, Steel String! And please tell us this is an annual event!


The food at the Sour Beer Bash was phenomenal. We can’t get enough of Snap Pea Catering. Remember the story we did on their pop-up dinners in our September/October Foodie Issue? Chef/owner Jacob Boehm, you’re a genius!


Chapel Hill got pretty cool bottle shop recently! Right under Zog’s is Imbibe, a new spot selling beer and wine and serving it, too.


Sometimes only a hot chocolate will suffice. Luckily for Jenny, Joe Van Gogh wasn’t far away.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.20.32 AM

The only bad part about having Allen and Sons hushpuppies, slaw and chicken for dinner? Not having room for banana pudding, a special on Fridays!

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For her first time at Rasa Indi-Chinese, Jessica got Mongolian Chicken – a $6.95 bargain that included rice and a vegetable spring roll!

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Hey, look! Chapel Hill Creamery and Counting House (in Durham) got love in the latest Food & Wine issue.

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Need to read our latest issue? Joe Van Gogh‘s got plenty!

Need to pick up a sweet Valentine's gift or card? SallyMack has you covered

Need to pick up a sweet Valentine’s gift or card? SallyMack has you covered.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.14.14 AM

The Root Cellar is one of our go-to spots when we’re seeking a fresh and fast lunch.

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Marketing associate Jenny Hunt is a transplant to the Triangle, and she loves every minute of it. She enjoys discovering everything from new bistros to new bands. She's a lover of opera and classic novels. And when she's not at an event or writing a story, she's cheering on the UNC men's soccer team!
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