Summer Reads

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Whether you spend your summer reading engrossing novels or informative nonfiction, here, a few recommendations straight from Flyleaf Books owner Jamie Fiocco:


By Nickolas Butler 

“A wonderful debut novel – just a great story about five friends growing up, moving away and coming back to a small Wisconsin town.”

Shotgun Lovesongs


By Bryan Stevenson 

“For the nonfiction reader, a moving story of a young lawyer who defends the underdogs in the criminal justice system and poses a great argument for the application of compassion in this system. It’s been compared to To Kill A Mockingbird.”

Just Mercy


By David McCullough 

“McCullough is famous for his biographies, and this one doesn’t disappoint. He’s chronicled the backstory of the two Wright brothers and their development of the flying machine (with a nice tie-in to North Carolina, of course!).”

The Wright Brothers


By Mick Herron 

“What happens to British Intelligence officers who make mistakes? They’re assigned to a career of useless paper shuffling, but, of course, these ‘slow horses’ sometimes strike upon something serious and prove they’re not washed up. A quirky cast of characters and devious internal politicking make for good plots. Mick Herron is perhaps the most literary thriller writer around; his writing is a delight.”

Slow Horses

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