5 Favorite Ice-Cream Sandwiches

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Forget those perforated ice-cream sandwiches from your childhood. Made with local ingredients like Maple View Farm ice cream and Counter Culture Coffee, today’s treats are the gourmet grown-up sandwiches dreams are made of. Here, my personal fave five:

Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop, 121 N. Gregson St., Durham


I blame Rose’s mouth-watering Instagram photos for getting me in the door. Right past the meat counter is the freezer filled with a half dozen flavors like caramel, strawberry, or their Counter Culture Coffee ice-cream sandwich. Can’t decide? Look for a split sandwich which features two flavors of ice cream – in my case, Pistachio Praline and Strawberry – in between a crisp cookie. rosesmeatandsweets.com

The Parlour, 117 N. Market St., Durham

unnamed-7Seemingly everyone in Durham had the same craving for something sweet the night I stopped by. But it was well worth braving the line to get my hands around this monster. The two double chocolate chip cookies dominated the coffee ice cream and I’ll admit, this is the only one I couldn’t finish. theparlour.co


Al’s Burger Shack, 516 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill


Turns out the winner of Chapel Hill’s Best Burger and Best Fries also makes a mean ice-cream sandwich. If you’ve still got room after said-award-winning meal, go for the J Bo featuring Maple View Farm vanilla ice cream with amaretto-almond cookie (hands-down, my favorite cookie on the list). There’s also the Goosey with chocolate custard between peanut butter cookies. alsburgershack.com

Only Burger, 3710 Shannon Rd., Durham


Remember that Toll House chocolate chip ice-cream sandwich you used to get from the ice cream man? Only Burger ups the ante with their version of the classic crowdpleaser. The flavors vary, but it’s always Homeland Creamery ice cream inside. onlyburger.com


The Granary, 2000 Market St., Pittsboro


Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you … that’s a brownie ice-cream sandwich. Let that sink in … a double-decker brownie with ice cream in the middle. This decadent treat is sometimes on the menu at The Granary. fearrington.com


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