When You’re Too Sick to Cook: 5 Comfort Dishes in Town

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Soothing SoupLike many of our friends, our family experienced a few bouts of sickness this winter. While I generally love to cook, I do not feel the same way when I am not feeling well. Luckily, there are many wonderful options around town and just down the block from our house to soothe a winter cold and warm the soul. Here are our personal favorites:

  1. Weaver Street Market soup and some seeded ciabatta bread from their bakery
  2. A piping hot bowl of pho from Lime and Basil
  3. Vimala’s hearty chickpea chole with bhatura
  4. The “Cheesy” grilled cheese from Neal’s Deli with a cup of their daily soup
  5. “Wild Oats,” a bowl of oatmeal with toppings from Elmo’s Diner

Some food-related things to keep in mind if you are under the weather include hydration, the BRAT diet and including protein. Keep up your fluid intake by drinking hot tea, sipping on ginger ale and eating high watercontent foods such as soup. If your stomach is upset, the BRAT diet is best as it consists of bland foods that are generally tolerated well: bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Other foods that fit this bill include potatoes, oatmeal, saltines and plain chicken. To help your body to heal, try to eat protein-rich foods as part of your diet. Some ideas are Greek yogurt, chicken or fish (without a lot of seasoning) and eggs.

Most important, rest and get better soon!

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Kate Sayre

Kate Sayre is a Registered Dietitian who counsels clients through her private practice and works in the Department of Nutrition at UNC. On the 1st and 15th of every month, she guest blogs here. 
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