Moreton Neal

Moreton Neal is an author and interior designer who lives in Chapel Hill. She is a lifelong foodie, having co-founded LA Residence in 1976. 

These Fritters Are Perfect Finger Foods For Festive Gatherings

“The Better Living Show,” a Durham-based radio program I co-hosted for over 15 years, was all about food. Every Wednesday, we interviewed well-known chefs, restaurateurs and cookbook writers who teased us with descriptions or tastings of their best, decadently rich dishes. After a few years, the station asked us to expand the show to include …

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Create Your Own Recipe When Google Searches Fall Short

While most folks headed for the beach or the mountains this summer, we shot past the Blue Ridge to the unlikely tourist destination of Columbus, Ohio. A book conference lures us there every other summer, and we’ve gotten to know this unexpectedly appealing city well enough to have some regular haunts. Our favorite dinner spot …

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The Healthy Season

Paleo, Whole 30, Eat to Live, low carb, gluten free. If you haven’t heard of these diet trends by now, you must living under a rock, and I envy you. So many of my family members, not to mention friends, are committed to one or another of these regimes, and cooking something that pleases them …

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Perfect for Mother’s Day: Mama’s Strawberry Pie Recipe

Mother’s Day isn’t just for mothers here in Chapel Hill. The Hallmark holiday is eclipsed, every second Sunday of May, by commencement at UNC. Moms, unless your child is graduating and you’ve booked a reservation months in advance, don’t expect to be taken out to eat by your family on May 8. If you’re lucky, they’ll cook …

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Joyous Cooking: A No-Fuss Supper

If you’re interested in culinary history, you will devour Provence, 1970: M.F.K. Fisher, Julia Child, James Beard, and the Reinvention of American Taste. The memoir, written by M.F.K. Fisher’s nephew, Luke Barr, was inspired by letters he discovered after the great food writer’s death. Barr pieced together an account of a singular trip to the South …

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Joyous Cooking: Slaw and Order

Like a zillion other Tar Heels, my husband is a barbecue fanatic, willing to drive great distances for a quality pulled-pork sandwich. Luckily, he doesn’t need to. Allen and Son is just a few miles from us, on the north side of town. The simple cinder block building has been around since the ‘50s. Its green, homey …

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Joyous Cooking: Get Crafty

Craft cocktails first came to my attention in a Charleston restaurant a few years ago. Arriving early for our dinner reservation, friends and I were asked to wait in the bar, where we immediately succumbed to its unusual and tantalizing cocktails. My choice was called Hot Basil, a vodka gimlet enhanced with fresh basil and …

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