By Sponsored Content | April 13, 2016

Are you looking for a sport dog prospect or a K9 partner who can also be a couch potato? If so, then meet 2-year-old Stuart! He takes great pleasure in every encounter, but has a huge soft spot for his special friends who share his love of both snuggle-chillaxing and […]

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By Sponsored Content | April 6, 2016

Meet Simone! This 5-year-old kitty is a very sweet, independent gal. Her former family had her as an indoor and outdoor cat, so she does enjoy the screened-in “Catio” at Paws4ever, but she’s also just as happy looking out the window! She really likes getting attention and cuddling, but she’s […]

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ADOPTED – Audrey Creamsicle

By Sponsored Content | March 30, 2016

Meet Audrey Creamsicle! This 4-year-old yellow lab is one sweet gal. She really likes to run around and play (especially with tennis balls) and sometimes she even dances! She can be a little shy at first, and she’s not a big fan of loud noises or people that move too […]

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Mountain Mama

By Sponsored Content | March 23, 2016

Meet Mountain Mama! She’s a gorgeous tabby who will be the first one to jump into your lap and command some attention. She loves people, but she finds it difficult to get along with other cats and dogs. When she gets to hang out in the office, she loves to help […]

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David Bowie – ADOPTED

By Sponsored Content | March 16, 2016

Meet David Bowie! Get ready to run, because this 2-year-old Siberian husky is built to run for miles and doesn’t want anyone slowing him down. He bounces around on his leash like a ping-pong ball and would love to get out of his kennel with someone active. He has a […]

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ADOPTED – Patagonia

By Jessica Stringer | March 9, 2016

Meet Patagonia! This 10-month-old kitty recently came back to Paws4ever because the older cat she lived with kept picking on her. She’s slowly gaining her confidence back and learning to trust other cats, but she’s a super sweet girl who wants nothing more than to cuddle with you and get […]

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Toby Jackson

By Sponsored Content | March 2, 2016

Meet Toby Jackson! This 1-year-old hound is a newcomer to Paws4ever who loves attention and food, but he also has a playful side! He sees the world through his nose and gets very excited by toys and little critters like squirrels, rabbits and cats. He’s a thinker, and has been […]

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By Sponsored Content | February 24, 2016

Meet Ghoul! His name may sound scary, but this 2-year-old kitty is one of the cutest and friendliest cats you’ll ever meet! He loves to play with toys and explore, but you can also find him sitting on someone’s lap enjoying lots of snuggles. He has food allergies and needs […]

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By Sponsored Content | February 17, 2016

Meet Erin! This 2-year-old terrier is a super sweet little girl with ears as big as her heart and a lot of love to give. Sometimes when she’s walking around on a leash, she gets really excited when she sees another canine friend, so she still needs to learn some […]

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ADOPTED – Starman and Jareth

By Jessica Stringer | February 10, 2016

Meet Starman and Jareth! These 4-month-old kittens are brothers and they came to Paws4ever together. When they were first rescued, they were very scared and cuddled together all the time, but now they’re learning to trust people and are becoming a little more adventurous. Starman is a little more adventurous, […]

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