Five Must-Read Books From Local Authors

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We didn’t have to look far to find our favorite reads for the summer – here are just a few recent releases by local authors that should find their way into your beach bag
By Virginia Robinson | Photography By Beth Mann


The Hotel Neversink
Adam O’Fallon Price’s second novel unfolds over a century, through one family’s hotel of secrets. Considering that Daniel Wallace praises this mystery novel as both a “tragic family saga” and a “comic love story,” it’s a summer read that checks all the boxes.

The Rest of the Story
Sarah Dessen, the widely acclaimed powerhouse of young adult fiction whose talent has landed her a Netflix deal, puts a shine on summer with her newest novel. Set on a lake, it’s the coming-of-age tale of a motherless girl discovering herself and her family. Swirl in a summer romance – what more could you want? 

Every True Pleasure: LGBTQ Tales of North Carolina
Next to each other in this rich collection, David Sedaris’ “Hejira” and Eric Tran’s “Let Me Tell You About the Fireworks” resist the clichés of rejection and acceptance, respectively, to reveal some of what editor Wilton Barnhardt believes: that “people with ‘a special tenderness’ will seek each other out, whatever the travails.”

The Never Game
For a thriller that bobs and weaves from a gripping beginning to an unforeseeable end, crack open bestselling author Jeffery Deaver’s newest novel. When a Silicon Valley teen goes missing, amateur tracker Colter Shaw decides he’s going to find her, and what unfolds is a masterful tale of murder in an increasingly tech-obsessed world.

Mothers and Strangers: Essays on Motherhood from the New South
Is there literary territory more vast than motherhood? This collection of essays, edited by Samia Serageldin and Lee Smith, delivers such varied portraits within its broad scope, with titles like Jaki Shelton Green’s “i want to undie you” and Melody Moezzi’s “The Persian Mom Mafia.” 

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