March/April 2022

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“I just made my 12th sale!” I excitedly told my grandmother over the phone. I opened a Poshmark account – think eBay’s more fashion-focused cousin – this past summer to resell my clothing and give it a second life. Someone in Michigan had purchased a pair of dress pants I’d worn barely 10 times, so I raced to the post office during my lunch break.

I knew Nana would appreciate my retail victories because for years she co-owned a boutique in Occoquan, Virginia, called The Gazebo. I sometimes counted the change in the drawer and rearranged the jewelry in the glass cases after school. She took biannual buying trips, and once, when her business partner couldn’t make it, I got to see her in action at the Javits Center in New York City. “I always looked for something different,” she told me. “I couldn’t compete with the big department stores, so I bought unique things for my shop.” Long retired, Nana now passes on her best practices to me: “The customer is more likely to jump at $19, rather than $20.” 

I could also learn a thing or two from fellow Poshmark seller Krish Gandhi, a sophomore at Chapel Hill High School. While I resell items already in my closet, Krish finds, purchases and cleans up in-demand sneakers, and he’s amassed a large following on a multitude of selling sites. Krish, too, has an enterprising role model in the family. “Throughout my childhood, I’ve always seen my mom work hard in her business, and I guess I’ve just taken that same kind of motivation and hard work that she does and put it into mine,” Krish says. His mom, Deepika Gandhi, is the co-founder of several successful startups and (in a happy, unintended coincidence) is also featured in this issue. Read more about Krish, Deepika and six others’ entrepreneurial journeys on page 54 – perhaps you’ll find inspiration for your own creative venture! Jessica Stringer, editor


54 Owners of local businesses – from a resale retail empire to a digital Farmers’ Almanac – share lessons, plans for expansion and more


24 On the Road Again
A travel expert shares her picks for spring road trips

48 For the Kids
A tragic accident set in motion efforts to establish a new pediatric rehabilitation center in Chapel Hill


88 Style Shift
Local experts weigh in on what’s new, what’s next and what’s timeless in home trends

98 Secret Gardens
A sneak peek at three spots featured on this year’s Chapel Hill Garden Tour

106 The Fabric of Life
Textile artist Ali Givens invites us into her family’s home near Hillsborough


136 Setting the Table
Spring Council shares her Easter memories and how to make your own guests feel welcome

144 Gather Round
Chapel Hill families mark the spring Jewish holidays with traditions and togetherness

148 Red Eggs and Lamb
Kipos chef George Delidimos celebrates Greek Easter with a menu full of his childhood favorites


6 Letter from the Editor

10 About Town
Events not to miss

30 What We’re Eating
News from our restaurant community, plus a dish we love

34 Carolina on Our Mind
Two Chapel Hillians co-authored a book to advocate for living kidney donations

40 Noted
What we’ve heard around our towns …

154 Dining Guide

Engagements & Weddings

163 Rose & Williamson
164 O’Brien & Shannon
166 Bushardt & Hewitt
167 Dolfi & Wolf
168 Newbauer & Woodfin


16 Salute to Community Heroes
20 Business After Hours

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