Summertime Spots

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Summertime Spots

This past weekend has proved that summer is almost officially here. In addition to craving cooler foods, it’s time to break out the rosé and other refreshing drinks. Here’s where you’ll likely see me around town the next few months.

1. Calavela – once I heard a tequila bar was coming to Carrboro, I anxiously awaited its opening. I was not disappointed as their margaritas are on point and made with fresh ingredients (no bottled mix here). Like it hot? Check out the Spicy Pineapple Margarita, made with fresh pineapple juice and jalapeño simple syrup.

2. Lantern – their outdoor space is my absolute favorite place in town to sit and have a drink. It’s where we’re able to get some fresh air without being on the sidewalk while we sip delicious cocktails or wine. Right now, the Junebug is my go-to, but even if the menu changes they always have Sancerre.

3. Weaver Street Market – we love to grab a table with friends, split a bottle of wine and munch on cheese, crackers and whatever else catches our eye in the store.

4. Tyler’s Speakeasy – they recently renovated this space and did a fabulous job, opening up the previously very dark room onto the street. It was the perfect place for a recent happy hour trip with friends as we were able to enjoy a cold brew while catching the nice evening light.

5. West End Wine Bar – order a glass of the sparkling rosé and head up to the rooftop space.

Have a favorite watering hole of your own in town? Please share below, I’m always looking for new places.

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Kate Sayre

Kate Sayre is a Registered Dietitian who counsels clients through her private practice and works in the Department of Nutrition at UNC. On the 1st and 15th of every month, she guest blogs here. 
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