A Starving Teenager With a Rare Disorder And an Incomparable Strength

By Hannah Lee | March 20, 2019

Have you ever woken up to the sound of your own screams? LewLew Whayne has. And that’s the worst part of it all, she says.

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Saved by the Barbell

By Hannah Lee | January 9, 2019

CrossFit is known to be a rigorous workout, and some of the fittest athletes compete in the sport. But teens, like Caitlin McCarthy, 13, are proving that this style of exercise can be for everyone. Walk into CrossFit Local on a Monday evening, and you’ll likely find the Smith Middle […]

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Take Action – This Class Prepares You for Emergencies

By Hannah Lee | January 9, 2019

When Mary Stuart Alfano went to the Norfolk Yacht & Country Club in Virginia on a Tuesday in 2014, she thought she’d be spending her evening getting a bite to eat.

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Pickleball: The Latest Sport to Take Chapel Hill by Storm

By Santul Nerkar | August 1, 2018

You can’t live in town and escape college basketball. Same goes for college football in the fall. And on most weekends, the soccer fields are crowded with kids, coaches and cheering families. But there’s one sport that has flown under the radar, until now. When Jim Wilson moved to Chapel […]

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Fit4Mom Group Offers Community for Local Mothers Looking to Build Healthier Lifestyles

By Jennifer Brookland | May 15, 2018

If there’s one thing new moms need, it’s a sense of community. So Rachel Burton was especially sad to leave Chatham County with her two little boys just when she’d discovered a wonderful group of active mothers through national fitness franchise FIT4MOM. A former competitive swimmer who’d studied nutrition in […]

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Leaving the Fast-Paced Life of DC for a Slower, Healthier Lifestyle in Chapel Hill

By Holly West | May 8, 2018

Living in fast-paced Washington, D.C. took its toll on Lea Shanley’s health, especially after she suffered a moderate concussion. “The lifestyle there is an intense work culture,” she says. “Working long hours often precluded the ability to have a regular workout routine.” So when she moved to Chapel Hill in […]

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At Age 80, Former College Basketball Player Finds a New Challenge in Playing Croquet

By Holly West | April 16, 2018

After decades in medicine that included pioneering the field of neuroradiology, Dr. Ralph Heinz knew he couldn’t just play pingpong in retirement. A former college and semi-pro basketball player, he needed a sport that exercised both mind and body but wasn’t too strenuous on his spine, which has undergone several […]

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Local Runner Finds Peace in Long-Distance Races After Losing Son to Leukemia

By Jennifer Brookland | March 30, 2018

Ed Getka had already conquered more than 30 marathons and triathlons by his late twenties. So he figured he could ignore the feeling of something giving out in his leg one day at a cross-country race and kept training. The excruciating pain that followed turned out to be chronic Achilles […]

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19 Ideas for Exploring A Different Side of Chapel Hill This Winter

By Jessica Stringer | January 2, 2018

#1 BE AMAZED BY NATURE There’s a new Patrick Dougherty stickwork installation at the Ackland Art Museum and if you’ve never seen how he weaves together tree saplings into incredible shapes, now’s your chance. “Patrick’s five individually-shaped sculptures act as carnival barkers of sorts, summoning the public to ‘step right […]

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What’s New in Hillsborough

By Jessica Stringer | June 24, 2017

FRESHLY BAKED Radius has a new oven and they aren’t afraid to use it. “We can now get a pizza out faster. Our new oven takes 180 seconds to cook,” says owner Kate Carroll. Though they serve salads and paninis too, the restaurant couldn’t keep up with the demand for […]

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